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August 2010

  • President's Message

    Hello Everyone!!

    July was pretty full of Chamber Activities. I want to say thanks to not only all of you who attended recent Chamber events, but also to those who hosted! We had a stellar turnout at Koniag/Kana's new building. What at awesome facility! Nice job Will and Andy!

    Then on the 30th, Carrie Morton hosted Business After Hours at Residential Mortgage and had a great turnout as well. She had it catered by Gwyn's Cookery, which is always great and lots of people went away with some great door prizes!

    Barb Bolson, our Kodiak College Director, was the guest speaker at Member Monday on August 2nd and gave an update on all the new programs at the college this year. She and her staff do a really nice job updating and meshing what the college offers with the needs of the community. A couple exciting programs are the wind energy courses, in conjunction with KEA and the high school and an exciting program for our high school students; the dual credit program. She mentioned a Kodiak High student, Brandon Gilbert, who graduated from high school AND received his Associates at the same time! He will start college as a Junior! This is a first, but I think not a last.

    August has been the traditional month for the Business After Hours hosted by Alaska Airlines. Because of scheduling conflicts, Alaska Airlines has rescheduled their BAH for October 21st this year. Watch for more details on this and other upcoming events. If you are interested in hosting a Business After Hours, contact Pam at 486-5557.

    We are always looking for speakers for Member Monday, the first Monday of the each month at noon, at the KI. Let us know who you would like to hear or what topics you would like to see covered.

    Welcome to all our new Chamber Members!!

    Join us at all YOUR Chamber events.

    Lindsay Knight

  • USCG Welcome Aboard Fair
    The Chamber of Commerce will have a table at the Coast Guard's Welcome Aboard Fair on Wednesday, August 11, 2010.  The Fair is put on so that new-to-Kodiak Coast Guard personnel and their families can get familiar with all Kodiak has to offer. The Chamber will have a table at the fair again this year and we'd love to display brochures from member businesses there. Simply bring a supply of your brochures or business cards to the Chamber offices by 5pm on Tuesday, August 10th and we'll make sure they are displayed.
  • Kodiak K-9 Kuts Opening August 10

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    Kodiak K-Nine Kutsk9kutslogo
    1627 Mill Bay Road
    Phone: 512.2859
    kodiakkninekuts@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    You've probably noticed a bunch of activity around the yellow building at 1627 Mill Bay Road recently. Long-time Kodiak residents Liz Naugton and Diana Fogler will be opening Kodiak K-Nine Kuts at that location on August 10th. Liz, a certified groomer has been grooming for over two years and Diana is working toward her certification while apprenticing with Liz.

    They'll groom dogs, cats and "anything else with fur" and will have a retail section as well, featuring products unique to Kodiak. The grooming business includes courtesy appointment scheduling and a rewards program.

    Stop by to wish them well and make an appointment!
  • Kodiak Rodeo and State Fair Gear Up for the Main Event


      Kodiak Rodeo & State Fair, Inc
    10102 West Rezanof at the Fairgrounds in Bells Flats
    Mailing address: PO Box 507 Kodiak, AK 99615
    Phone: 907-487-4440
    Email: contact@kodiakrodeoandstatefair.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Fair Committee Chair: Lisa Kostelecky 486-9446
    Rodeo Committee Contact: Robin Killeen 487-4967

    The Kodiak Rodeo & State Fair strives to provide a venue for community events that promote a friendly, family oriented atmosphere. The Kodiak Rodeo and State Fair Boards' primary goal is to put on the annual State Fair and Rodeo.

    This event happens every year and is traditionally held over Labor Day weekend. This year, the dates are Saturday & Sunday, Sept 4th & 5th. On Friday, Sept 3rd community members are encouraged to come out and enter items into the Fair. A state sanctioned event, this Fair provides an opportunity for locals to participate and receive ribbon placings and premium money for their entries. Look for the premium book on line. Again this year, there will be children's games, contests, petting zoo, and pony rides.

    Both days during the Fair, KRSF Board puts on its' annual Rodeo. This is a big crowd pleaser and draws a large crowd. Some of events include Bull Riding, Roping, Barrels, & Poles. Kids events such as a boot race are offered throughout the afternoon. There is a "Rodeo Queen Contest". An application is available on line, as is the entry forms for Rodeo Contestants and Fair Exhibits. This year marks the 42nd Rodeo & State Fair.

    The Kodiak Fairgrounds' facilities feature 10,000 square feet of exhibit space. The Fairgrounds is also the only indoor arena on the Island. Kodiak Fairgrounds also has several outdoor venues, including the Grandstand Raceway, which can seat as many as 500 people. The Fairgrounds Exhibit hall is available for rental from mid-May to mid-October. The Kodiak Rodeo and State Fair has year-round horse boarding, which includes a horse pasture and a stall space, with additional storage/tack room and pallet space options.

    Annual Events at the Fairgrounds include:
    • Kodiak Rodeo and State Fair
    • Kodiak Racing Association
    • 4-H Club
    • FFA
    • Summer Marketplace
    • The Lions Club's Warm Summer Nights

    "There is a lot going on this time of year and there's always a need for interested new people. Whether you used to enter your veggies in the Fair, have grown a giant pumpkin, or maybe rode in the NFR (Nat'l Finals Rodeo), the KRSF Board would welcome your help and support," says Fair Committee Chair, Lisa Kostelecky

  • Bridging Workplace DOB by Amy Glass
    Printed here with permission from The Chamber of Commerce Pacesetter

    Are you...
    • Frustrated by a coworker's lack of business savvy?
    • Shocked by those who won't, or can't incorporate technology?
    • Dumbfounded by people who say the wrong thing at the wrong time?
    • Wondering about team members who seem to care less about the team?

    Sounds like you have been (perhaps unknowingly) Managing the Generations.
    There are primarily three generations working today. They represent the largest diversity of generations in the workplace than at any other time in history. With this diversity comes a unique set of challenges: differing work styles, different goals & objectives, and diverse attitudes & viewpoints.
    There are many ways to better understand and appreciate each age group's work style and personality traits. Doing so will minimize the friction, and maximize the assts of your multigenerational workforce.

    Yep, that's right, understand and appreciate. Maximize the assets!

    But before you can improve your relationship with your professional brothers and sisters, you will need to better understand who they are.

    Each of these generations brings value to their profession & work environment. However, according to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study, there are three areas where the generations differ: work ethic, managing change, and perception of organization hierarchy.

    Boomers often believe that younger generations don't work as hard or long as they do, because they aren't "punching the clock" from 8am to 6pm every day. Working from remote locations, telecommuting or having a virtual office are all viewed as odd by Boomers, and also as less productive work environments. Boomers believe there is value in showing your work and your work commitment, in a more visible way.

    This view differs from the Xers' standpoint that if the work is done, it doesn't matter how it was done or where - this group is much more focused on outcome and results, than process. They are disinterested in the politics at work. Xers also feel that if they didn't struggle for balance in their lives, all they would do is work. Ironically, due to the prevalence of PDAs and wireless technologies, Xers now find they are able - and expected to - work all the time and everywhere.

    Communication modalities also pose problems between the generations. Baby Boomers highly value face-to-face communication, and have no problem betting up to walk to another office location to ask a colleague a question. Xers will use whatever communication form is most efficient and that allow people to control their own time.
    Younger Millennials favor instant messaging, text messaging and e-mails. Many are more comfortable sending a quick e-mail or other digital message, and are less at ease having face-to face conversation or picking up the telephone.

    The Millennials' comfort level with e-mail, however, can also be the source of workplace conflict. It is not always the best mode for conducting business - especially situations where conflict is in the air or bad news needs to be shared. Overreliance on e-mail also does not allow younger workers to develop more personal relationships with colleagues, managers, direct reports and clients.

    As you begin to accept the different preferences and expectations of generations in the workplace, try these tips and make a difference from inside-out, top down, bottom up, and all around!
    1. Provide Millennial employees with clear guidelines for dress and grooming, the acceptable format for e-mail, suggestions for voicemail greetings, expectations when attending meetings, and how to make proper introductions. Make it a standard part of your new employee initiation. Millennials want this information and they will appreciate it!
    2. Ensure that Baby Boomer and GenX managers hold frequent, brief meetings and regularly scheduled more in-depth meetings, with Millennials. Provide attendees with an agenda and minutes, including commitments.
    3. Learn what your manager's or employee's expectation (preference) is regarding feedback and instructions, and then learn to adapt your own approach to more closely align with the answer.
    4. Always give GenXers the bad news first, and don't beat around the bush. You can follow by telling them their confidence- building strengths and value to the organization.
    5. Never give Millennials the bad news first. Always start with their strengths, then segue into areas of opportunity & improvement. Provide real examples of where they fall short, real examples of what you would like to see, and invite the check-in with you for feedback.
    6. Remind all employees to ask for a client's preference when communicating. Everyone should be willing to flex their style for the client. This includes the summer intern and the CEO.
    7. Be open to younger workers' suggestions for streamlining, simplifying, and automating processes. Be willing to give your security blankets for new, faster, and more efficient methods. Let them teach you how to conduct a meeting via WebEx, or how to promote your company's charity walk through social networking sites.
    Amy Glass is Senior Facilitator for Brody Professional Development. For more information on their programs that connect people to their potential by strengthening their communication and professionalism, telephone 1-800-726-7936 or go to www.brodypro.com.

  • Member Spotlight: Big Bear Taxi and Charters #11


    Big Bear Taxi and Charters #11
    Phone: (907)942-4141
    Email: info@bigbeartaxi.com 
    Web: www.bigbeartaxi.com 

    Big Bear Taxi and Charters is a newly established local for-hire vehicle service offering taxi and charter rides throughout our Kodiak Island road system.  The taxi is dispatched through A&B Taxi, just ask for Big Bear Taxi #11.  If you would like to contact them for a personal charter driver, call 907-942-4141. 

    “We provide a comfortable Toyota Sienna van and excellent drivers who are honest, friendly, respectful, informative and just a whole lot of fun,” says owner, Donna Jones. “We are proud members of both the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce and the Kodiak Island Convention & Visitors Bureau.” The company is permitted to access State Park lands, so charters can include trips into Fort Abercrombie, Buskin River and Pasagshak State Parks.

    “With prices based on a per group rate rather than a per person rate, taking a taxi is a very affordable, fun and exciting way to see the best and most beautiful parts of Kodiak along the road system,” said Jones.

    The business will also offer several services such as local expediting, door to door service and a program they are calling “Be Smart and Safe – Don’t Drink and Drive.”

  • Business Workshops Here August 16 and 17

  • KVOK to Air on 98.7FM

    KVOK, Kodiak's Country Station, makes its debut at 98.7 FM on Friday morning, August 9th at 11:00 a.m. immediately following Hotline. After 11:00 a.m. Friday, KVOK will simulcast at both AM 560 and 98.7 FM, providing Kodiak with the only locally programmed Country radio product on the FM dial.

    "We are extremely pleased to offer Kodiak residents the opportunity to hear Bears Sports, great Country music and many other local programs on the FM dial." According to General Manager Ellen Simeonoff. "Country music remains the most popular format on the radio and we strive to provide locally programmed music and programming features that are tailor made for Kodiak residents."

    The FM transmitter at 98.7 FM was originally slated to provide additional coverage of KRXX 101.1 JACK FM, but changes to the FCC's regulations allowed Kodiak Island Broadcasting to simulcast the AM 560 signal to the additional FM stereo signal. KVOK has been serving Kodiak for over 33 years at AM 560. As part of the FM build out, Kodiak Island Broadcasting is upgrading studio facilities and production capabilities.

    KVOK and KRXX have been owned by Kodiak Island Broadcasting since 2000.
  • Economic Development Report

    Kodiak is consistently one of the top three fishing ports in the United States. The 2009 ex-vessel value of all fish coming into Kodiak was $115.5 million, down from $145.3 million in 2008, and volume in 2009 was 293.9 million pounds, up from 275.5 million pounds the year before.

    The worldwide financial crisis and the strengthening of the US dollar led to the low prices seen in 2009. Some species such as cod and rockfish seem to have been hit hardest by this down-turn. Other species such as sabelfish (Black cod) actually went up in price due to niche markets with less volatility. Salmon prices were below the previous year, but increased volumes led to an additional $7 million in exvessel prices over 2008. 2010 prices seem to be slightly above 2009 prices.