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February 2013

  • Message from President

    Hello Everyone!

    I would like to thank all the folks that attended our Business After Hours at the Kodiak Athletic Club! We had a record turnout for the KAC and I do believe everyone had great time. Mill Bay Coffee brought a wonderful spread of food and Mike Brown did his usually exquisite job as bartender! I would like to thank Janet, Alex and Mike for helping with set up and clean up. I think of Kodiak Athletic Club as a church for the body and the KAC is here to help people in Kodiak get fit and improve their quality of life. Did you know that after age 25, people lose 3% to 5% of their muscle a year? That is about a pound a year; you can recover your muscles and KAC can help you in that process. You need to exercise your muscles and feed it, or it goes away. Kodiak Athletic Club will help get you the body you deserve and want for your future.

    The Business After Hours is hosted by the Lions Club on February 22nd at 6:00-8:00pm at the Harbor Room at the Best Western! The Lions Club is a huge service club in Kodiak, and they do a tremendous amount of work here. The Lions Club will have great door prizes, which will include roundtrip tickets to Anchorage.

    Our Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner will be held at the Convention Center on Friday, February 15th. It will be a Mardi Gras theme event. There will be a no host bar and entertainment starting at 6:00pm,  with dinner starting and at 6:45pm. This is a very fun event and we look forward to recognizing many of our outstanding Chamber Members. We will see you there!

    I would like to thank James E. Carmichael for upgrading his Associate Chamber Membership to a Business Membership!

    If you would like to upgrade your membership to a PIKE Membership, please contact Summer at the Chamber.

    Thank you all for your continued support!

    Lindsay Knight

  • Chamber's Annual Recognition Dinner
  • Business After Hours
  • Kodiak Electric Association
  • Business After Hours Pictues from KAC
  • Soroptimist Art Show
  • Information



    Be our Valentine! KMXT is collecting items for the Kodiak Women's Resource and Crisis Center. If you would like to help KMXT help the KWRCC, please purchase one of the following items and drop it by the KMXT office: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, coffee, creamer, sugar, coffee, filters, diapers size 3 - 6, baby wipes, butter, Kool Aid, frozen juices, quick frozen foods, slippers, and gloves. Lists are also available at the KMXT office, Safeway, Wal-Mart and Cost Savers for your convenience.

    Please bring your items to KMXT by 5pm on Thursday, February 14th.



    Relay for Life of Kodiak

    Event Chair: Kathie Morin
    email: morinkathie@yahoo.com
    phone number: 907-539-1495
    Relay information can be found downtown at TON OF FUN
    You can "like" us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KodiakRelayForLife?ref=hl

    Next Team Captain Meeting:
    Wed. Feb. 6th at 6:00pm in the Chamber of Commerce Conference Room
    Come meet the new committee members, pick up team captain packets, learn about kick off, share ideas and more!
    Light refreshments will be served.

    Relay for Life is a team event. Teams are made up of 8-15 individuals. Registration discount going on now! Registration is now only $100 (a $50 savings!).

    Upcoming Fundraisers:
    Relay Kick-off Carnival Sat. March 2 from 11am-2pm at St. Mary's Gym. Lots of family fun and games!

  • Internet Marketing
    Internet Marketing Words You Need to Know
    SEO, Blackhat, and Analytics. Oh, My!
    By Maggie Wall

    Internet marketing is quickly becoming a required subject for Kodiak business owners. You don't need to be an expert-there's a lot you can do yourself or you can hire someone to help with the specifics.
    Internet marketing is kind of like fishing-the more you know, the better you are at "catching" customers. And, like fishing, Internet marketing has its own lingo. The better you understand the vocabulary, the better you can apply it to your particular situation.
    Here are a few basic Internet marketing words that will get you started on your way to IM proficiency. (First new word is IM which stands for Internet Marketing.)

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    This is one of those phrases people sling around a lot. SEO refers to optimizing your site so that it is search engine friendly. I like to call it "Google Juice".
    Google isn't the only search engine out there, but it leads the field and even controls how Internet marketing is done as marketers seek the holy grail of SEO which is a number one ranking in Google.


    People talk about their "site" ranking, but in reality, Google doesn't rank sites. Google ranks pages.
    A lot of people think of their home page as being their welcoming page, but there are times, such as if you're running a sale or promoting something specific, where you want to send people to a "landing page".
    When you click on an ad on the Internet you seldom are taken to the site's home page. Instead, you are directed to a landing page, which is a sales page specifically designed and worded to compel you to hit the "Buy Now" button.

    If someone promises to have your site ranked No. 1 on Google, tell them, "no thanks" and walk away.
    A professionally trained Internet marketer would never tell you they can put you in the number one spot.
    It's unethical.


    Speaking of high Google rankings, it's important that you know about blackhat practices.
    Think of old westerns where all the bad guys wore black hats. Blackhat is used to describe something that is "off", dishonest, disreputable, and sometimes illegal.
    If someone promises to have your site ranked No. 1 on Google, tell them, "no thanks" and walk away.
    A professionally trained Internet marketer would never tell you they can put you in the number one spot. It's unethical.
    Here's the deal. While there are things you can do to get your site positive Google rankings, no one can guarantee you any certain placement. Plus, anymore it seems that Google changes their rules for ranking more often than a teenager changes their clothes.
    You cannot guarantee Google placement. Period. If someone does, I'd recommend that you not do business with them.
    Sometimes, if you have an unusual business name or site specific URL, then you may pop up high on the page. Take for instance, my friend Darlene Turner's A Smiling Bear Bed and Breakfast. If you Google "smiling bear" her site ranks on the first page. That's because you are Googling part of the URL.
    If you, instead type in Kodiak bed and breakfast, her website itself doesn't come up on page one. However, because she is included in a directory listing, you do see A Smiling Bear Bed and Breakfast near the top of the page along with a lot of other Kodiak B&Bs.
    That is a good Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) tip-submit your site to various online directories to help increase your "Google juice". You won't always rank on page one like the local B&Bs do, but every little trick you use is that much more juice in Google's engine.


    I love analytics. It was one of the hardest classes in my master's program in Internet marketing, but once I got it, I was hooked.
    Analytics is what makes a website and thus the business a success. Basically, you "analyze" who comes to your site, what attracts them, and what they are checking out on your site.
    With even the most basic analytics info you can begin to tweak your marketing plan to bring in more of those customers, give them what they are looking for, and keep them coming back as repeat customers.
    That pretty much sums up Internet marketing-define your target customer, figure out where they are and how to attract them, and then bring them in. Kind of like fishing, isn't it?
    Here's a link to an analytics video I did for my Masters in Internet Marketing. The instructor liked it so much he wanted to use it as an example for future students. I compared analytics to counting fish in weirs, which skyrocketed the Creativity Factor for the assignment.

    Maggie Wall has a master's degree in Internet Marketing. Her business Magpie Publishing & Production designs websites and coaches people how to get their business online and to attract online customers (487-4040). She also produces The LegHead Report located at leghead.com.

  • Economic Development Report
    Summary of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce Economic Development and Housing Survey
    by Joe Bailor

    In January 2013, the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce launched an online opinion survey to the community of Kodiak. Over 300 individual email invitations were sent out and 39 community members participated in the survey. A survey link was also posted on Facebook - Friends of Kodiak and Kodiak LEAD, we received 148 individual responses through the Facebook link. With 187 total participants in the survey we had an estimated 90% confidence level with an error rate of ±6%. The survey results indicated a good cross-section of the Kodiak population. Average longevity in Kodiak was 20.33 years and respondents with 5 or less years in Kodiak amounted to almost 19%, 26+ years was 36% of the participants. 65% of survey responses came from Kodiak home owners, which is close to the U.S. Census Bureau's statistic of 54% owner-occupied housing units in Kodiak Island Borough. Full-time employees and self-employed respondents accounted for 67% and 21% respectively. Industries represented were from Private Business - 35%, Government - 20%, Non-profit - 11% and a good variety of other industries including fishing, education, health care and native organizations. The majority of respondents to the survey owned or managed a business in Kodiak. From the written answers, one could see that the survey brought out individuals from every corner of our island.

    Reading through the results, written responses and other comments, you see that the people of Kodiak really enjoy this island. They love the scenery and natural beauty of our environment. Outdoor activities and small town feel rank high for most respondents. However, respondents were quick to point out that it is expensive to live here, citing cost of fuel, housing, food and transportation as their highest challenges. Housing availability and high cost of living ranked as their top two things they wanted to change about Kodiak. Respondents to the survey said they wanted to preserve Kodiak's small town feel, natural beauty, sense of community, and outdoor recreation. When asked where people purchase most of their goods or services, the survey indicates that the majority purchase most items or services on the island except clothes, automobiles and electronics. Respondents indicated that they would like to keep more big box and chain stores out of Kodiak, but were open to more business options and competition. Kodiak reflects having a foot in the past while looking forward to the future by citing social media as their top pick in best ways to address community concerns, followed closely by newspaper, radio and town hall meetings.

    When addressing housing concerns around Kodiak, the majority of people taking the survey indicated that they agree or somewhat agree that the Borough should open more land, we need more incentives for developers, more senior housing, building revitalization, more Coast Guard housing, more low cost housing, more starter homes and multi-family housing units. The majority believe that the housing shortage is not temporary and that we should develop more raw land. Written responses indicate that high costs associated with building, along with the availability of land, are the leading challenges for housing development in Kodiak. When asked if we should create a planned housing development to address the greatest housing need in our community, 66% agreed or somewhat agreed with the statement. Survey indicated that 45% of respondents feel that any available areas should be allowed for housing development, compared to no development or did not answer at 6%. When asked what we should build, respondents listed single family starter homes - 37%, followed by Multi-family/Condos - 22% and Zero-lot/Town-house units - 18% as their top three.

    Compiling this survey has provided a sense that the people of Kodiak would like some relief to the housing shortage and the high cost of living on the island. Kodiak would love to have more starter homes, apartments and townhouses for lower income families, but not at the expense of clear-cutting large parcels of raw land. The survey responses indicate that, responsible development of housing targeted towards the entry level work force would satisfy some of the current demand in the market. Further indications support spending more money locally, supporting small local businesses, but some of those options are not available on the island. I did not get the impression that the community was faulting any particular group or body of government, but wanted steady and responsible growth and development in our community to meet our needs. I got the sense that revitalizing residential areas and commercial properties along with cleaning up our community is a priority. Reinvesting some of what we have into the future generation, keeping them here on this great island we know as Kodiak.

  • Thank You to New and Renewing Members

    New Members


    James E. Carmichael

    James Carmichael


    Renewing Members


    Plan it Alaska

    Jamie Miller

    Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce

    Ralph Renzi

    Smarty Pants Graphics

    Kadie Walsh

    North Pole Community Chamber of Commerce

    Marilyn J. Zurcky

    Hospice of Kodiak

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    Alayne & Dane Larson

    T & C Baseball Card

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    Melissa Barton

    Kodiak Island Brewing Company

    Benjamin Millstein


  • January Board Meeting Minutes

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