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October 2012

  • Alaska 1 Realty Darlene Williamson

  • Thank You to New and Renewing Members

    Welcome New Members

    Silvia Cavan

    Flora Expressions

    Dan Eubanks

    Daniel's Fine Jewerly

    Elizabeth Fleming

    Elizabeth W. Fleming, Attorney

    Paula Laird

    Kodiak Island Real Estate, Inc


    Renewing Members

    Mark Anderson

    First National Bank Alaska

    Katie Oliver

    Kodiak Historical Society/Baranov Museum

    E. Kim Davidson

    Wild Trader's, Inc.

    Mike Munsey

    Munsey's Bear Camp

    Ellen Simeonoff

    KVOK/ Hot 101.1

    Judy Godin

    Alaska Aeropspace Corporation

    Cheryl Christofferson

    Koniag, Inc

    Robert Polasky

    Sun'aq Tribe of Kodiak

    Mary & Mary Jane Majdic

    Majdic and Sons Construction

    Murray Park

    Westward Seafoods DBA Western Alaska Fisheries

    Amiee Kniaziowski

    City of Kodiak, City Manger

    Tomio Demura

    Old Powerhouse Resturant

    Rick Kniaziowski

    Horizon Lines of Alaska

    Greg Hathaway

    Trident Seafoods Corporation

    Bernie Stallard

    Bernie Brothers

    Susannah Damiano

    Monk's Rock Book Store & Coffee House

    Tracy Chandler

    Alaska Whitefish Trawlers Association

    Ron & Judi Acarregui

    Total Interiors

    Janet Wente

    Northern Exposure Gallery

    John Shank

    Eyecare Excellence PC

    Norman & Janice Botz

    Roads End Resturant

    Ken & Sarah Dunn

    Lily House Bed & Breakfast

    Curtis Law

    Aksala Electronics Inc.

    Sharon Moore

    Cy's Sporting Goods Inc.


  • Volunteer with Junior Achievement


    Volunteer Training & Informational Meeting

    Tuesday, October 16th
    5:30pm to 7:00pm
    Kodiak High School Commons

    What is Junior Achievement?
    Junior Achievement is the world's largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through hands-on programs. Junior Achievement programs help prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it, how to create jobs which make their communities more robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace. Students put these lessons into action and learn the value of contributing to their communities. JA's unique approach allows volunteers from the community to deliver our curriculum while sharing their experiences with students.

    What's the Commitment?
    Your commitment could vary from a single school day to a weekly visit of one hour each for five weeks. It all depends on the grade level of the program you choose. You can choose your school and classroom based on a number of factors. We're flexible!

    For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, call Frank Peterson at 907-486-4449 or visit http://alaska.ja.org/.

    Sponsored by Junior Achievement of Kodiak

  • Business After Hours Pictures from July and August
  • Business After Hours
  • Bounty Bag Clean Up
  • New Member Spotlight

    Floral Expression by Silvia


    Silvia Cavan was born and raised in Alaska. She has lived in Kodiak for 11 years. She moved here from Fairbanks where she was born and raised. Silvia has 2 children ages 18 and 10 and currently foster 2 additional children. Fostering is a great way to support the community.

    Through out her life she has been drawn to the arts in all forms. Silvia said, "I have a very creative mind." She has developed strong talents in the area of singing, painting, sewing, hairdressing and most recently floral design. She had dabbled in the floral world since high school. She didn't see her full potential until she was asked by her best friend, last year, to help with a last minute wedding. Everyone was so thrilled with the wedding bouquet and boutonniere, that her best friend (Erica Young at Ton of Fun) encouraged Silvia to follow her dreams. Silvia signed up to receive distance delivery courses from Floral Design Institute based in Oregon. She finished the course in about 8 months and she currently finishing up the advanced floral design course. Silvia was so impressed with her own skills she bought a floral cooler and now has a home studio to work in. She does deliver and will take special requests. She does try to share the meaning of flowers with her customers to make a bouquet more meaningfull. I have done work for baby showers, weddings, funerals, Valentines day, Mothers day and Christmas. Silvia has done flowers for the Coast Guard change of command, and provided the flowers for the USCG Appreciation Dinner. She also provided the homecoming royalty flowers for the high school this year. She feels very fortunate to have friends and children that want me to be happy and encourage me to reach for my dreams.

     First Wedding

     A duchess rose

     A tropical arrangement

    Can't find the right words? Say it with flowers! Flowers have the ability to express what we can't say. Flowers can brighten a day, spark up the night, soften a heart and be healing to those in need. Need help finding the right words? Let's say it with flowers! xoxo Silvia 907-539-2036 Check her out on Facebook Floral Expressions by Silvia

  • Economic Development Report

    Kodiak to the World - Exports impact our Community by Joe Bailor

    On September 12, representatives from the World Trade Center of Alaska (WTCAK) came to Kodiak to do a presentation on Alaska exports. Direct exports from Alaska to the world are a growing business. Alaska topped $5.2 billion in worldwide exports in 2011. That figure is double what the average exports were just a decade ago. Seafood was the leader in 2011 with $2.44 Billion in exports. Minerals contributed $1.82 Billion and Forest products accounted for $104 million in exports in 2011. China was the leading destination of Alaska exports in 2011, accounting for 27% with a value of $1.4 billion. Japan was a close second with 21% and $1.1 billion in export trade. Exports supported nearly 15,000 direct and 9,800 indirect and induced jobs in Alaska in 2008. Exports are vital to Kodiak's economy.

    Seafood and Forest products are Kodiak's two biggest export commodities. Alaska directly exports around 66% of all its seafood. The actual figures are much higher as seafood is not counted as an Alaskan export to a foreign country if it is warehoused, even for a short amount of time, in another state before being shipped. Using WTCAK figures, Kodiak produces a minimum of 550+ direct, indirect and induced export seafood jobs. That is about 6.5% of our total workforce employed by foreign demand for Kodiak seafood. Export-related jobs typically pay 13-16% more than jobs tied solely to domestic economy. China has discovered Alaska and its exports. Exports to China have doubled over the last 4 years from $716 million in 2007 to $1.44 billion in 2011. Seafood is China's top import from Alaska, accounting for $836 million in trade with Alaska.

    One of the functions of WTCAK is to organize and lead trade missions overseas. Missions enable Alaskan business leaders to better understand foreign markets by giving them a first-hand experience and making valuable contacts in face-to-face meetings. During the past 10 years, WTCAK has led missions to a variety of countries, including: China, Korea, India, Taiwan, Singapore, and Canada. Above information was supplied by WTCAK in their 2010 Special Report of Economic Impact of International Trade Exports on the Alaskan Economy and their 2012 Power Point presentation titled How Exports Benefit Alaska's Economy. You can find these on the WTCAK website at www.wtcak.org

  • September Board Meeting Minutes
    Click here to view September Board Meeting Minutes
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  • Arctic Physical Therapy

    (missing from picture is Heather Farmer)

    Arctic Physical Therapy is celebrating 15 years of helping the hard-working people of Kodiak
    remain healthy and happy. The year of 2012 has brought many changes to the clinic including a
    renovation, the farewell of well-known therapist, Dr. Todd Cook, a new clinic manager, Katrina
    Filipowicz, MSPT, and the welcoming of 3 new therapists, Chris Hurley, DPT, DSc, OCS, SCS,
    Heather Farmer, MSPT, and Ammie Brunner, PTA.

    Arctic's staff is a well-rounded team who now brings over 55 years of rehab experience to
    Kodiak! Get to know Arctic's therapists a little....

    Sue Buie- Sue continues to own Arctic since it' s opening and continues to encourage Arctic's
    active involvement within the Kodiak community.

    Katrina Filipowicz, MSPT- Katrina has been a physical therapist since 2003, graduating from
    The Sage Colleges in upstate New York with her Masters of Science of Physical Therapy
    degree. She practiced as a traveling physical therapist in a variety of settings for 5 years,
    including schools, hospital, rehabilitation centers, and outpatient orthopedic clinics. Prior to
    moving to Kodiak, she worked in a large neurological rehabilitation center in Southern
    California, focusing her treatment on individuals with a spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis,
    strokes, and vestibular disorders. In May of 2011, she moved to Kodiak with her husband, who
    is in the Coast Guard. Katrina brings a neurological and orthopedic background to the staff at
    Arctic. When not working, she enjoys being outdoors, including hiking, backpacking,
    backcountry snowboarding, fishing, and playing with her son and 2 dogs.

    Chris Hurley, DPT, DSc, OCS, SCS- Chris has been treating orthopedic and sports related
    injuries since 1999. He has an extensive background in orthopedic manual physical therapy as
    a clinician, professor, and researcher. He is dual Board Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
    and Sports Physical Therapy, as well as certified by the NATABOC as a Certified
    Athletic Trainer. Chris has participated in over 1,000 hours of post-professional manual therapy
    education and is certified by the North American Institute of Manual Therapy (NAIOMT) as a
    Manual/Manipulative Physical Therapist. Chris has a B.S. in Exercise Science/Sports Medicine
    from Lake Superior State University; a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Walsh
    University; a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Simmons
    College; and a Doctor of Science in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy from Andrews
    University. Chris and his wife Heather recently moved back to Kodiak Island with their 4
    children. His hobbies include cooking, playing ice hockey and spending time
    with his family.

    Roxann White, MSPT- Roxann earned a master's degree in physical therapy from Simmons
    College in 1997. She currently specializes in chronic pain, strain counter-strain techniques,
    women's health, and pediatrics. Roxann has over 13 years experience and continues to love
    assisting in the body's natural healing process.

    Heather Farmer, MSPT- Heather has been a physical therapist since 1995, after graduating
    from the University of Miami with a Masters in Physical Therapy. She has provided physical
    therapy in a multitude of settings including: acute care, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation,
    long term care, home health and the school system. She has focused much of her continuing
    education on neuro-developmental and proprioceptive techniques to retrain the body and
    nervous system after injury. Heather relocated to Kodiak in 2010 with her husband, a USCG
    C130 pilot, and three children. In her off time, she enjoys spending time with her family and
    friends, volunteering at her children's schools, running, hiking, and watching her children play


    Ammie Brunner, PTA- In 2004, Ammie earned her Associates Degree as a Physical Therapist
    Assistant from Macomb Community College in Michigan. Since graduating, Ammie has
    primarily worked in Geriatrics and Home Health. In June of 2012, she moved to Kodiak with her
    husband who is a Physician's Assistant in the Coast Guard and their two children.She enjoys
    sports with her kids, hiking, boating, and walking on the beach.

    While sports, orthopedic, and work-related injuries are still the primary caseload for the clinic,
    Arctic PT now also specializes in Chronic Pain Management, Neurological Rehabilitation,
    Vestibular and Balance Retraining, Women's Health, and both Pediatrics and Geriatrics. Arctic
    PT also continues to be the only place on the island for custom orthotics. Arctic's mission is to
    continue to provide the people of Kodiak with excellent quality of care and provide the family
    feel of a small town clinic. Please feel free to call with questions concerning treatment or how to
    be referred to Arctic Physical Therapy. Thank you Kodiak for all of your support over the years!

  • Do You Really Own Your Website?
    Do you really own your website?
    Does it matter who owns it if you have lost access to your site?
    By Maggie Wall

    Let me share you the story of two websites. Both are owned by Kodiak businesses, one is a B&B the other is a business site. Both have spent hours and hours of frustration the past couple of months trying to get control of the website and URL that they paid for and developed.

    We won't use names, but both women would be happy to tell you their story in person sometime.
    The B&B owner lost access to her site this past spring, which as you may know, is a BIG time for booking summer visitors. Unfortunately, she also lost a lot of this year's projected income because of it.
    The B&B site crashed for some reason and when the owner realized there was a problem she tried to get ahold of the guy who built it. She tried and tried for weeks, but couldn't. All the while, visitors to her site couldn't make reservations. Sometimes you couldn't even get the site to open. Long-time clients sent emails or called since they knew her and were able to book a reservation over the phone.
    Imagine how many new clients she lost because they couldn't find or open her site. She figures she lost income in the 5 digits and had lots of open days during the peak season when she is normally booked solid and has a waiting list.
    In the end she was able to convince a new host company that she, indeed, was the one who paid for the site's hosting and was able to get her URL switched to the new host location. She had to totally rebuild her site, but at least she didn't lose the terrific "name" she had for her business that she's diligently built up over many years. (Her URL is "www.her B&B name. com " so you can see why it would be such a huge lose to have had to get a new URL.)
    So what's the lesson here? Be sure you are the
    registrant on your site. Make sure that you
    have control over all site information, passwords, users,
    and know where your site is hosted.

    Person number two used her site as a "tool" to help her clients and sponsors. Since she didn't collect money through the site, she didn't lose any money when the guy that built her site left the state for some adventure. Ultimately, she did have to change the URL of her business because there was no way to "free" her site from the host server.
    So what's the lesson here? Make sure that you have control over all site information, passwords, users and specific information about where your site is hosted. Be sure that you are the registrant on your URL. The registrant has sole control over the URL, so you don't want someone else's name on it.


    Blue Host will allow you access to your site if you know the last four numbers of the credit card that the hosting was charged to. Not all will do that. But, still, what happens if the web site builder used their credit card for the site hosting?
    Basically, you can show the hosts all the receipts you want, but if you don't know the password and user ID, you won't get access to your site. And if you are not the registrant, you do not have control over your URL.
    We've just looked at two Kodiak business women that lost access to their websites and their URLs, but there are other ways to lose "your" site.
    One biggie is to remember that websites are considered creative property, as with photos, books, magazine articles, etc., unless there is something in writing saying otherwise, the person who creates it owns it. You are not going to win against the U.S. copywrite laws, so the best thing to do is to confirm ahead of time who owns the material and design of your site.
    Should you freak out and decide websites are too risky or require too much knowledge about things you don't know about? Nah...come on, there is a lot of info on the Internet to help guide you along. You can always call me and ask for info, or where to go to get more info.

    Like anything else related to your business, you just want to be sure you do your due diligence and ask questions before committing to anything.
    Here are some articles that you might find useful:
    A good article on copyrights for websites: http://obermanlaw.com/Who_Owns_Web_Site_.php
    Good summary of different levels of ownership and access: http://www.keytlaw.com/urls/whoowns.htm
    An article about the importance of renewing your URL site name: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/11/opinion/sunday/reclaiming-my-web-address.html?_r=1

    Maggie Wall is a local web designer and webmaster who has a master's degree in Internet Marketing. You can reach her at 487-4040.

  • New Member Spotlight

    ADVENTURE GUIDES KODIAK is specializing in Salmon fishing the rivers and creeks accessible by Kodiak's road systems. Your fishing rods, tackle, lunch and beverages, and fish processing are included at no charge.
    In addition to fishing they offer fantastic day hikes, wildlife scouting, and photography tours or near anything outdoors. Plan your adventure with them.

    World Class River Fishing ~ Sightseeing ~ Hiking ~ Photography ~ Wildlife tours

    Full or Half Day Trips
    Small or Large Groups
    Personalized Service
    Affordable Rates

    Please call for availability and rates

    Justin Melin is an Avid fisherman. He has been guiding trout and salmon fishermen for nearly ten years in the Great Lakes region and Alaska. He is a great leader and will show you the techniques and tactics to get you on the fish!

    Jason Humphreys is also an avid fisherman. He has been guiding Salmon fishermen in the Great Lakes and here in Kodiak for over ten years. He is also a USCG Licensed charter boat Captain. He has the experience to make your trip memorable!

    Please check out our website at http://www.adventureauideskodiak.com

    Or contact us by phone: Jason Humphreys: 907-512-7494
    Justin Melin: 218-940-4701
    Email: adventureguideskodiak@gmail.com

  • Chamber Welcomes the New Economic Development Specialist
    The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome Joe Bailor as the new Economic Development Specialist.

    Joe spent his younger years in Oregon until his parents moved to Alaska in 1974. Spent all of his teen years living in the frozen Alaska interior, BURRRRR! He is very pleased with Kodiak's mild weather, along with the abundance of large trees, mountains and the ocean.

    He met his wife Anita while pursuing his Bachelors in Marketing at UAF. Swept her off her feet and they got married in Kodiak in 1985. They moved to the island permanently in March of 1989; raising their sons Josh 22, and Zach 20 on the island. Josh is currently working for Kodiak Lawn Care, and Zach is Attending Boise State University in Idaho.

    Joe spent the last 15 years in public service to the community of Kodiak with Parks and Recreation and Kodiak Island Housing. Before his public experience he worked in the private sector with Odom Corporation, Arc-n-Spark Welding, K&L Distributors and, if anyone can remember, Royal Enterprises.

    Joe enjoys running, basketball, fishing and hiking around Kodiak. He spends time working with the youth football league and with kids in youth sports. He has, out of necessity, become an excellent self-taught travel agent - Ask him about how to find great deals off the island!

    Joe appreciates Kodiak's best keep secrets - World Class outdoor activities abound around Kodiak without long waits and big crowds and most of them are free! Kodiak is an excellent place to live, work and raise children. Getting off the island makes one appreciate what Kodiak has to offer all the more!

    Joe is looking forward to using his talents and connections to help facilitate new and diverse economic opportunities for Kodiak; continuing to make Kodiak the best place to live, work and raise a family!

  • Letter from the President

    Hello Everyone,

    I do believe fall is here! Make sure you visit our fellow Chamber Members businesses to get those needed winter supplies!

    I would like to thank everyone who attended our monthly Business After Hours hosted by the Best Western, Kodiak Inn, at the Harbor Convention Center! The Johnson family did their usual spectacular job hosting. Congrats Carrie Morton for winning the grand prize!

    Thank You Trevor, Summer and Joe, from the Chamber, and KMXT, and GCI, for an excellent Election Forum. I feel one of our main responsibilities, as a Chamber, is to provide our members with as much information as possible so that you can vote informed and intelligently at the polls. I hope you all voted Oct 2nd!

    Our October Business After Hours is a biggie! The much anticipated Alaska Airlines BAH, this will be held Kodiak Harbor Convention Center, conveniently located downtown on October 26th, 5:30-7:30pm. This is always very well attended, hope to see you all there.

    The Coast Guard Appreciation Dinner was a huge success as it always is! Thank you everyone who attended, donated and participated! I apologize; I was in Anchorage for a Special Olympics Leadership Conference and the Anchorage Bodybuilding Championships.

    Hard to believe Halloween is upon us, and your Kodiak Chamber, along with Barb Zimmerman and Sutliffs, are hosting Trick or Treat in downtown Kodiak on Friday, Oct 31st. from 3:30-5:30! A really fun event for the kids and great way to start up the holiday season!

    I would like to welcome new members, Paula Laird, with Kodiak Island Real Estate Inc!
    Daniel, with Daniel's Fine Jewelry, and Attorney, Elizabeth Fleming!! Thank You for joining the Chamber.

    We are YOUR Chamber of Commerce, make sure to participate, and communicate!

    Lindsay Knight